Optimism is a positive emotion that has thrust to achieve something. Optimism is required in almost every context, whether that achievement, career, creativity, and so forth. Always optimistic dibarengi akan confidence by achieving something. Meanwhile, confidence is only as long as he is able to form menyesuaiakan for themselves with the logic used to merasionalisasi an outcome that would be translated. Basically in this context is to create a sense to be optimistic based on the ratio that something could be done or can be reached by someone conscious intellect. Optimistic in the state, does not have a negative mind thoughts clog an achievement. Thoughts that accompany the optimistic state of mind is kebranian, manifestation, creation, capacity building, feasibility, and other positive thoughts.
State fear, kawatir, and others, can not disandingkan optimistic that with the state. section, both for behind each other, so that it becomes far separate from one another. Fear is the parent's negative state, which is always haunt for the embodiment of a certain outcome. This means a bit of fear does not help produce any manifestation. The biggest obstacle for someone to pitch kangkung in the beauty of living life with a real fear of the mind mind. Thought that fear would result in a fear state.
Not surprisingly, when feelings of fear dominates in someone, it will produce a strong enough pessimism. The reasons for irrational pessimism often accompany this state. Basically, the inverse proportionate with the optimistic and pessimistic pessimistic situation is far from always the embodiment of the effort. Psimis always refer to the absence of a business, movement, steps to perwujudannya.
Once again need to be optimistic that only refers to the mind-thought best, to work for the best, and expect the best things, and continue to focus on the best. This is Optimism.